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Writer's Block: $10,000 and Some Change
How would you change the world with $10,000?

10000 dollars, hmm.. back to my time, that would be well much and enough to start a good business but as of now, with the economy going down, the value of money is also down. These days, having 10000 dollars is not enough to start a decent business. ok, for the question, if i had 10000 dollars to spare, i would start off with fixing my business more. It is not on being selfish but if i can get more from my side, then i can give more in return. sometimes, helping others starts with helping yourself more. that is how i would change the world by changing my world first and then after that set a quest to start helping in different small ways. they say that great things start somewhere small. there you have my answer.

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a $10,000 investment

hey, grandpa that was half a decade ago hahaha. That's only how much my girlfriend spends for her bag but kidding aside I'll try to make that $10,000 double or even triple. It might take time but it sure will with patience and the right business approach. Anyone who can give me a suggestion on How and where I could invest $10k?

Re: a $10,000 investment

How right you are Mr. Mark Hicks. This $10,000 will not put you anywhere anymore. In my time, it could have been a lot already. But these days?? I doubt that especially with the global economic crisis? Investing your 10 thou, hmm... probably you can go the lottery? Why not start a really low start up business? I am not sure though about what you can do.. What is your plan anyway?

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