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Writer's Block: I scare myself
What is your greatest fear?

What am i scared most? Hmm... this is quite a tough one. Everybody i think is scared of death and the things that come to an end. This is i think a universal truth as endings are usually painful. Most importantly in relationships. I used to be scared about my wife leaving me.. but the times we have spend together already proves that we will always be together. Then i used to be scared of death but that is inevitable and we all have to accept that sooner or later we will all go there so it is just a matter of how we live our lives whether we make it good or not and as of now.. i live my life for my wife and everything is fine. Lately, i have ventured into business and i am a bit scared of failing but then again, i found this business software that i am using and has proven me that with it, i can manage my business well and that i can succeed, especially with my wife on my side and all her love and support. That's it for me in my age.

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What am I scared of

What I am mostly afraid of is whatever natural disasters we have been seeing in movies which will eventually end lives.

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