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Writer's Block: No place like home
What are five things you love about where you live and five things that you hate? How does it compare to previous places you've lived?

Well now.. hmm.. this question got me thinking.. honestly i haven't thought much about this kind of thing but yes, it sure is proper to think and say thanks to what we have got in our lives and treasure the things we have... so now, i think there are a couple of reasons why i like my home now... the first and most important is that it is where i stayed with my loving wife and built our family... the next reason is not exactly my house but because of our place, there was a need that i thought would work to my advantage so i built a small business here too... i get a lot of help from my wife and also from our neighbors. they gave me a lot of advices and now i have a good business up and running and my wife and i don't need to worry much on financial trouble especially since the kids have grown and are living their own lives now.. my business software helps me and my wife run our business with ease. those are my reasons..


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